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One Year Later

...and then there were four! The trio are back, but that's not all, listen up to hear who the newest addition to the table is. We discuss what we've learned from each of our individual shows, and the last year of episodes. Thank you to everyone who's tuned in and we look forwrad to chapter two!

Brandi & Friends

In the last of our series of host-featured episodes, Brandi sits down with two friends she regularly talks all sorts of shop with. they discuss what they're learning, their spiritual dreams and how the single life is going! 

Josh sits down with one of his mentors for our second one-on-one episode to discuss how persevereance helps us grow toward spiritual and personal maturity.

Laura has an intimate conversation with Angie on matters that are close to their hearts. Take a listen, get to know Laura a little more and share your comments with us on facebook!

Modest Is Honest

Josh and Laura come with excitement this week to discuss the much anticipated topic of modesty! Brandi is noticeably less thrilled as the team welcomes another guest, Jooce Williams!

Modesty is a tricky subject for Christians, both as a mindset and a practice; we try with love to make it through the subject. Let us know how we did on Facebook and Twitter!

Our Convictions

Living by a Godly standard is one thing, but there are things we take away from the spirit of the Word that shape the way we think, the way we behave -- those are our convictions. Special guest Matt Sanders joins the conversation to round out this easily misunderstood topic.

Back in harmony this week, we discuss how neighborly we are, or aren't we are with others in accordance with the second most important commandant; Mark 12:31. 

What About Me?

Why do we compare ourselves to others? What does it do to our relationships and our own hearts? Josh, Laura and Brandi have different takes on it and things get spicy!

Today we're talking community and as it normally goes, we see it differently! What is community to you? Talk to us on facebook and Twitter!

Table Topics

We couldn't decide on a central topic but through the Spirit, we had three different subjects with a common thread! Won't He do it? Enjoy!

This week Josh, Laura and Brandi get open about the areas of our life where it would not appear that we are Christians. Join us and explore the areas of your life that don't reflect the faith you profess.

We've previously discussed the scriptures that are often misquoted and taken out of context; this week we take on the things that ARE in the bible and stop us in our tracks. Join us for all the places this conversation will take us!

Are you your brothers keeper? Can only God judge you? We discuss these and other scriptures often misquoted and misused in the world today.

This week we discuss the role of friendship in our Christians lives and communities. With sisters and brothers in Christ, is there room for genuine friendship and what's the difference? We have opinions!

Faith Tests

Vulnerability on high!

Should Christianity make us feel good? We invite our guest Jon Sloan to share ideas on Discipleship. What are the differences between being a Christian and a "Good Person." 

Men In the Mirror

Jared and Josh take the reigns with guest Josue Santana as they ponder maturity, masculinity, sensitivity and friendship as Christian men

Selfless Ambition

Does God want us to be rich? Join us in our discussion about ambition, money and the placement of our hearts for God between the two.

In this episode we talk about our relationships with money. Everyone's relationships with money are very different, very personal. We each have a personal scripture that guides our convictions on how we deal with the subject.

The very first episode. Meet Brandi, Jared and Laura, three Christians at various stages in their lives and their faith discussing when, where, why and how they came to believe. Produced by Josh Powers.

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