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Bethany Janka came to give us a real life approach to the differences and similarities between a "Kingdom Kid," someone who grew up in the church, to Christian parents; and those of who us came to Jesus later. 

Each of us has specific gifts from God and is called to them for the benefit of those around us. Brandi, Josh and Matt discuss what they think God has created them for, how they feel about it, and the momentum of their individual ministries.

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Laura goes in-depth with another special guest, Alexis Guy, in a one-on-one conversation on what it's like growing up with Christian parents and making a decision as a teenager to follow Jesus on your own. Laura and Lexi contrast and compare the high school experience with finding God much later in life and how He shapes your thoughts on societal and personal issues.

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Josh and Laura welcome counselor Dave Tharp back to continue the conversation on addiction and mental health.

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What are some ways that God has transformed you from who you used to be? Laura helps us explore how the Spirit goes about changing us and how we ought to feel about it, especially when others take note of our newness. Plus, we uncover some pretty dramatic examples of biblical transformers!

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Signs from God

Josh poses a fascinating question about signs and in a rare turn of events, the trio agree more than disagree! Do you look for signs from God? Do you trust them when you get them? Join in the conversation with us on Facebook, IG @xprospgh and Twitter @wordxworld

This is a really exciting episode for us! A revered guest, a brother in Christ, and professional drug and alcohol counselor David Tharp joins us to discuss the things that represent addictions and/or strongholds in our lives. A conversation we were sorry to have to end, but look forward to having on part two!

Scripture references: 2 Corinthians 10:4-5, Romans 12:2, Colossians 2:21-23 and Ephesians 5:15-20

We took the show on the road this week! Recording during our single's retreat where we explore worldly comfort versus Godly comfort. This one challenged us all and we hope it'll do the same for you!


Matt leads us in a conversation about Righteousness. Do we measure our righteousness ourselves and if so, based on what? We discuss where the line between Self righteousness and God's righteousness is.

Real Repentance

On this episode the subject of repentance gets real.

Disclaimer: At about twenty minutes in, we discuss sexual immorality. If this is a subject you are uncomfortable with hearing in mixed gender format, skip this one and we'll see you next week! 

No Hiatuses 2019

It's important to many of us to set the intention for the year around this time. So we're talking plans, dream, goals and things we learned last year that we can take ahead with us this year! Join us!

Laura leads us in a discuss about fire of the Holy Spirit and whether we're allowing it to refine us or consume us for eternity! 

Enduring Tragedy

In light of recent events, Josh leads us in a conversation about the tragedies we've faced in our lives. Matt brings us in for a landing on how we've gone to God in those times. 


Laura leads us in a conversation about confession, the need for it and the unique ways we practice it. 

Isaiah 43

The foursome changes it up and breaks down one favorite passage of scripture founded on the idea that God specifically calls us and entitles us to His love

Listening to God

We're often told, or, sometimes asking ourselves, "How do you listen for God? Is that hokey? On the surface, maybe to some, but join us as we talk practically about how we listen to God. 

We wrap up the conversation on fruits of the spirit, examining how each one has led to change in our lives.

Matt leads the discussion today about the fruits of the Spirit. We contrast and compare which fruits are our strengths and which we are weakner in.

Waiting on God

What does waiting for God look like? Do we tak things into our own hands? Do we pray more, or less? Listen and examine these questions, and more, in your own life. 

Josh leads us into a conversation about our prayer lives. How do we conduct ourselves in our communion with the Father? What prayer in the Bible do we connect with? Are we transformed by our prayers? Listen and find out if your prayer life is anything like ours.

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